Lana's Twisted Trees Class SEPT 30th 2023
Lana's Twisted Trees Class SEPT 30th 2023
Lana's Twisted Trees Class SEPT 30th 2023
Lana's Twisted Trees Class SEPT 30th 2023
The Barn Company

Lana's Twisted Trees Class SEPT 30th 2023

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Class will be held SEPT 30th at 1pm, here at The Barn Company. Located at 162 West Simon Blvd. Holts Summit Mo 65043

Class Description

Class duration:  2-3 hours 

Suggested Items to Bring (some will be supplied): 

Needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, wire pliers – the size suitable for jewelry making

Small clamps

Items supplied for the class (included in the fee for the class):

Gemstones for the “leaves”, I will have a variety of colors available

Wire, pre-cut to make the project, available in gold, silver, copper and bronze colored aluminum wire

This workshop will cover the basics of making gemstone and wire trees from start to finish.  We will discuss selection of wire and stones; how to measure your wires; the various methods attach the gemstone chips to the tree; how to wrap the tree branches, trunk and roots; various methods for mounting the trees. 

I will have wooden discs that the trees may be mounted on, but you are welcome to bring a stone of your choosing to mount your tree on.  I will have a variety of stones available for sale to mount the trees on as well.  The main requirement is that the base must be able to sit flat.

A little about me!

I was born and raised in Jefferson City, MO. I moved to Callaway County in 1991 and currently live there with my husband.  I have always loved nature and appreciated the beauty of the trees.  My other passion is rocks and semi-precious stones.  Once semi-retired, I started looking at videos on YouTube on how to make gemstone and wire trees.  I had collected a small number of these types of trees and wanted to try making them myself.

As with learning any new skill, mistakes were made, and lessons learned.  This is why I decided to teach classes to others to share what I have learned and so I too may keep learning and improving my craft.


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