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Fresh Christmas Wreath

Fresh Christmas Wreath

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Here is what you have been looking for! A fresh cedar Christmas wreath with juniper berries, and eucalyptus. The berries vary in color from light blue to deep violet adding a really nice accent.

The wreath shown is approximately 24 in diameter.

Also included is a beautiful handmade bow. If you prefer a different style of bow please just contact me for more options.

This wreath has a wispy, rustic look which I love, but if you are like my wonderful sister you might prefer a more put together look. So feel free to grab your snips and trim this whimsical wreath until it fits your personality perfectly!

These cedar wreaths will easily last you through your holiday season and well into the new year, though I cannot guarantee the life of this wreath. Warmer areas will dry quicker than cooler areas. No special upkeep just make sure to keep them where they don't get too warm. They can be kept inside just make sure to spritz with water twice daily. This will help keep them fresh, but they will still dry out faster than if they were kept outside.

Check out my Etsy page for other bows if you are feeling like there's a different color shape or size that you might like instead of this red buffalo one.

All of our cedar cuts are locally sourced. We never cut down a tree and our cuts actually encourage the trees to grow. We cut in different areas at any given time, so the color of the cedar can vary from light green, medium green, dark green, yellow/green tipped and yellow seeded. Most of the wreaths are a mix of all of these, just like the one pictured.

We hope you enjoy your wreath as much as we enjoy making them for you. The lovely fresh fragrance is one of my favorite things about these wreaths! It's sure make your home feel like Christmas! 😁
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